A Port in the Storm will close its doors effective July 31, 2020

After eight years of serving our rural and northern neighbours, A Port in the Storm will permanently close its doors on July 31, 2020.

The comfort, safety, and security of A Port in the Storm guests remains our priority, and we will continue housing guests between now and July 31.

Thank you to the many generous donors, stakeholders, volunteers, and staff who made it possible to help people receiving medical care and their families over the past eight years. You have had a profound impact on many lives.

Read the full message from Rob Elder, President and Chair

A Port In The Storm | Safe, Affordable accommodations for critical illness patients - Winnipeg, Canada

Stories - Scott Boyes

Scott Boyes' Story - A Port In the Storm | Safe, Affordable accommodations for critical illness patients - Winnipeg, Canada

Marion, on behalf of my mother Carol and my sister Heather McKinnon of The Pas, I want to thank you and the volunteers of A Port In The Storm for your kind hospitality during our stay. Warmth, caring, sincerity, comfort: we shouldn't just talk about these values - we should make a pie with them. To share.

PITS is exactly what's needed for a family like ours needing a calm, serene place to stay during a crisis. I can readily see it would be even more precious to a family - or independent person - going through extended or repeated treatment; such challenges can break families emotionally and financially.


Every centre should have a service such as yours. This province is blessed to have you.

And there you are, a safe haven, a place to collect oneself... a port in the storm. My mother's outcome will not be what we had hoped, but she is still grateful for the smiling faces, where people remembered our names, and asked sincerely about our days. (Cecile is a role model for the ages... all the ages).

Thank you.