A Port In The Storm | Safe, Affordable accommodations for critical illness patients - Winnipeg, Canada

About Us

Our Vision

A place to call home.

Our Mission

A safe, nurturing community for rural and northern families receiving medical care in Winnipeg.



We put the needs of families first and provide a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment.


We provide affordable services so families can focus on health and each other.


We practice efficient, transparent and responsible use of donations and other resources.

Strategic Outcomes

Strategic Outcome #1

Maintain a sustainable business model.

Goal 1: Budget and implement a financial plan to ensure long-term sustainability

Strategic Outcome #2

Meet the needs of key stakeholders.

Goal 1: Enhance client experience by ‘adding value’
Goal 2: Determine our next home by 2020

Strategic Outcome #3

Strengthen organizational capacity.

Goal 1: Attain Imagine Canada Accreditation
Goal 2: Ensure effective governance and operational capacity