A Port In The Storm | Safe, Affordable accommodations for critical illness patients - Winnipeg, Canada

Families need you!

You can provide people undergoing medical treatment - and their families - with a safe, comfortable home in Winnipeg to stay in while they heal and recover.

Thank you for your generosity and caring.

Household Items Wishlist

Grocery hampers
New quilts and comforters
New pillows
New linens for queen and doubles
New towel sets
New roll-away cots

New kitchen tables and chairs
New Lounge furniture
New Area rugs and runners
New Accent pillows and decorative blankets
New recliners

Grocery gift cards
Restaurant gift cards
Tickets for entertainment and sporting events
First aid kit
Sewing kit

There are 3 fund options available for your donations

General Fundraising

For more information about this option, visit the Fundraising page.

Adopt-a-Suite Program

Along with general fundraising, you can also choose to Adopt-a-Suite.

Cecile George Compassionate Fund

The Cecile George Compassionate Fund assists those who cannot afford to remain in Winnipeg to receive treatment.

Operations Fund

Room rates are assessed annually and is based on donations to our operations.

Annually we must raise $250,000.00 to help off-set the cost of what our clients pay and our operating costs. A donation to this fund keeps our rates affordable for everyone.