A Port In The Storm | Safe, Affordable accommodations for critical illness patients - Winnipeg, Canada

A Special Message for A Port in the Storm Supporters

Thank you to the hundreds of donors, volunteers, community groups, and other supporters who helped more than 1,000 people and their families find ‘a place to call home’ at Port between 2012 and 2020 when they were in Winnipeg for medical treatment.

Your generosity and caring changed the lives of so many families.

Thank you!

A Port in the Storm ended its operations on July 31, 2020 and is no longer providing services

A Port in the Storm’s Legacy – Ensuring patients continue being supported

A Port in the Storm’s mission was to ease the financial burdens of people from rural and Northern areas who had to stay in Winnipeg to receive medical treatment. We offered them and their families a supportive environment during a stressful time away from home.

After A Port in the Storm wound down as a registered charity, the remaining assets were transferred to three other charities that are committed to perpetuating A Port in the Storm’s mission.

Thank you to these Winnipeg charities for ensuring patients staying in Winnipeg will continue being supported: