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A Port in the Storm
Closing Permanently

May 21, 2020

After eight years of serving our rural and northern Manitoba and Northwest Ontario neighbours, A Port in the Storm will permanently close its doors, effective July 31, 2020.

We will be serving the community – providing a home away from home – until that date.

We will work with all guests who are at A Port in the Storm for a longer term to ensure they have an appropriate place to stay come July 31, or before. The comfort, safety, and security of A Port in the Storm guests remains our main concern.

A Port in the Storm first opened its doors in 2012 as a welcoming and affordable ‘home’ in Winnipeg for people who had to be far from their own to undergo essential medical treatment in the city.

A Port in the Storm’s mission was to provide a safe, nurturing community for rural and northern people receiving medical care in Winnipeg, and their families.

Ultimately, after eight years of providing support for more than 1,000 people through their medical care, the operational model for A Port in the Storm became financially unsustainable.

We saw occupancy decline with increased access to some medical treatments in rural and northern Manitoba, and more accommodation options available in Winnipeg. Additionally, although we conducted an exhaustive search, we have been unable to find a suitable permanent space, close to Winnipeg hospitals, for A Port in the Storm to fulfill its mission.

Based on these converging factors, the Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to shut down operations rather than compromise our ability to maintain the quality of our services and meet fiscal obligations. Please know, this was not a decision made lightly.

We are grateful to the many generous stakeholders, volunteers, donors, and staff who made it possible to help people receiving treatment and their families over the past eight years.

You have had a profound impact on many lives.

Because of you, vulnerable people had a place to stay.

Because of you, families could stay together and support their loved one.

Because of you, people had an affordable option.

We would also like to thank the founders of A Port in the Storm for their vision and commitment. Patricia Benjaminson and Joanne Loughery, both oncology nurses, and Greg Pilgrim, a patient, were inspired by Sue, a cancer patient receiving treatment in Winnipeg who sought out a safe haven that did not yet exist.

Sue’s story and those of many others facing the same challenges provided the impetus and direction for A Port in the Storm. Thank you to all who made A Port in the Storm possible. You’ve changed so many lives.

Warmest regards,

Rob Elder - Chair of A Port in the Storm's Signature

Rob Elder
President and Chair